Network Benchmarking, Optimization & Service Monitoring

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Remote Control

Introducing Qualipoc Remote
Control: Non-stop Service Quality
Monitoring and Optimization

Freerider III

Introducing QualiPoc Freerider: the ultimate in lightweight, low cost, tactical benchmarking.

NEW SwissQual Holds the Key to VoLTE

Revolutionized to quickly isolate and resolve VoLTE voice quality issues.

NEW Advanced Channel/Cell Forcing

SwissQual launches its Advanced Channel/Cell Forcing feature.

Benchmarker II

Delivering the most accurate measurements in the toughest environments.

QualiPoc Android

Real-time voice, video and data service optimization, sitting in the palm of your hand.

Diversity Optimizer

The newest, fastest, most user-friendly and productive air interface optimization tool.

SwissQual is proud to announce we are now part of Rohde & Schwarz.
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QualiPoc Android: fast, flexible, fully-featured, affordable handheld optimization from SwissQual.
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Accurate network benchmarking drives competitive service levels, marketing messages, and technology investments, producing cost savings of millions of dollars. SwissQual offers three solutions that provide precise data and expert insight.

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Whether accepting a new site, tuning an initial deployment or optimizing an operational network, field engineers need accurate data they can work with in tight timescales. SwissQual provides three solutions that can assist.

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Fast debugging of tricky network issues needs a toolset you can rely on to help accurately identify and minimize revenue leaks. SwissQual provides three solutions that help make the process of troubleshooting painless and effective.

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Service Monitoring

Autonomous service monitoring delivers a continuous stream of KPIs and insight into network quality as the customer sees it. SwissQual has created two solutions using consumer devices coupled with smart, self-healing platforms.

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Quality Assessment

Measuring subjective service quality is a tricky business. SwissQual has developed three major algorithms for detailed analysis of subjective quality, including two ITU-T standards for HD video and HD audio quality assessment.

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